Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ginkgo in Maelstrom

Small triangular shawlette  made of wild silk.

Name: Ginkgo in Maelstrom
Pattern: Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl by Maggie Magali
Craft: Knitting
Needles: Circular ChiaoGoo Bamboo  3.25 mm (US 3)
Yarn: DyeForYarn Lace // Tussah Silk
How much?:  0.45 skeins = 342.0 yards (312.7m)
Colorway: Looking into the maelstrom OOAK
Status: mine

This is rather difficult knit since there are yarn overs on the wrong side, so I made lot of mistakes - partly due to my combined knitting method and partly due to the pattern being difficult for me. I am not very pleased with the result and it's a bit smaller that I expected, but otherwise it's very nice shawl.

Ravelry project page.
DeviantArt page.

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