Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maelstrom Waves

A narrow crocheted scarf made of DyeForYarn Tussah Silk yarn.

Name: Maelstrom Waves
Pattern: One-Skein Chevron Scarf by Dena Stelly
Craft: Crochet
Hook: 1.5 mm
Yarn: DyeForYarn Lace // Tussah Silk
How much?: 0.5 skeins = 380.0 yards (347.5m)
Colorway: Looking into the maelstrom OOAK
Status: gift already given

Color is beautiful deep slightly subdued teal with silky luster. Tussah silk makes the yarn a bit fuzzy.
I have added a shell edging at both ends and Myiuki beads.

Ravelry project page.
DeviantArt page.

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